Proprietary Reverse Mortgage

Non government reverse mortgages



Is Your Home Worth More Than $1,149,825?

If yes, you'll need a proprietary reverse mortgage.

A proprietary reverse mortgage is a loan product offered by non government lenders that allows you to borrow more than the FHA & HECM loan limits. Any loan amount over ~$800,000 would require a proprietary reverse mortgage.

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proprietary reverse mortgage


Up To $20M Appraised Value

Yes, we accept homes with an appraised value of $20,000,000

Loan Amounts To $6M

Yes, we fund loans up to $6,000,000, unlike the normal FHA lenders

Borrowers 55+ Accepted 

Most reverse mortgage lenders require both borrowers to be 60+, not EAG

No More Mortgage Payments

Just stay current with your property taxes, insurance, HOA and maintain the home

Take Lump Sum or Equity Line

Take advantage of sky property values. Even if you don't need the money today, we can give you an equity line based off today's value

Easy Process

Once you complete a counseling session, we'll need order an appraisal, then fund the loan

What Do Past Clients Say?


Mr. & Mrs. Dugan

Mr. & Mrs. Dugan

"we no longer stress about our monthly bills"

Mr. & Mrs. Bermner

Mr. & Mrs. Bermner

"we should have done this sooner"

older couple 3

Mr. & Mrs. Kelley

"no more stressing about monthly bills, we just travel"


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