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                                      Equity Access Group is dedicated to helping our clients find financial freedom through reverse mortgages. Trust our expertise and experience to help you convert the equity in your home into secure cash flow—without sacrificing your rights and privileges as a homeowner.


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                                      Funding Better Retirements

                                      Custom Reverse Mortgage Solutions

                                      At EAG, we understand that no two financial situations are exactly alike. That’s why we craft reverse mortgage solutions that are custom-tailored to the unique needs of each and every client. This bespoke approach to the reverse mortgage process delivers better results and promotes greater peace of mind.


                                      Elite Banking Partners

                                      EAG has forged close partnerships with five highly esteemed lenders with the best reputation and financial health. By having multiple elite banking partners, we’re able to secure optimal funding and turnaround time for you.


                                      1000’s Of Satisfied Clients

                                      Our clients have great things to say about us, and we’re honored that they would recommend us to friends and family. Our clients’ successes have not only enabled us to grow, they’ve earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


                                      20+ Years Of Expertise

                                      The EAG team of reverse mortgage specialists has a long history of delivering cash flow solutions for our customers. Since 2001, EAG has been focused on helping Americans 62 and older harness the power of their home equity. We know the mortgage industry and have cultivated lasting relationships with our clients and our funding partners.

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                                      Reverse Mortgage California Experts


                                      Jeff Miller

                                      Founder and CEO

                                      Jeff has been helping homeowners buy, refinance, and access their home equity since 1998. He founded Equity Access Group to focus on his passion for helping retired and retiring Americans live better lives through the smart, educated use of their home equity and reverse mortgage solutions.

                                      Jeff Miller

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                                      We know you may have many questions about reverse mortgages and if one would be right for you. Schedule a free, no-obligation phone call today to chat with a reverse mortgage specialist and move forward with confidence.